A Mini Moroccan Adventure: Part 1


We’re sorry we’ve been a little quiet on the blog front recently. The second part of 2017 was a busy one for us both. Work, weddings, family and business trips meant that autumn and winter flew by, but we’re back with SO much to share.

First up – a flying visit to beautiful Morocco!

Anyone who knows us well will know that the Capetti’s LOVE Birthdays. Any excuse for Prosecco drinking and cake eating is fine by us. But with January came a bigger reason to celebrate… Gabriella’s 30th Birthday! Who doesn’t mark their 30th year with dinner, drinks, two parties in two different cities and 4 days in Morocco?!

To celebrate, 6 of us boarded a Monday lunchtime BA flight to Marrakech for a few days of exploring.



We hopped into a taxi straight to Darsor – a beautiful little hotel with only 7 rooms, perfectly positioned between the Old Town and the New Town. With a pretty pool area and stunning tiled walls, Darsor feels every bit the mini Moroccan palace. And it’s safe to say we were treated like royalty!


The lovely Ahmed greeted us at the door, mint tea in hand, and ushered us into the lounge area to relax with a drink after our journey. Ahmed was the first person we met during our trip (not counting the grunting passport control guards at the airport) and he was the perfect reflection of Moroccan people. By the time we left 3 days later we were firm friends.




We spent our first evening having dinner and a few drinks in the Spanish Quarter (I know, not very Moroccan of us but we were tired and it was nearby!) before collapsing into our huge King Size beds for a really good night’s sleep.

Breakfast at Darsor was the perfect start to the day. We found our table in the sun-drenched lounge set up ready for us and upon taking our seats, Ahmed appeared with a tray of crepes, harcha (slightly gritty bread made with semolina flour and dipped in jam or honey), bagrir (a spongy cross between bread and a pancake, like a very thin crumpet) yogurt and omelettes with black olives. We loved the no fuss approach and the way that the food was just popped down on the table. Needless to say it was all delicious and set us up nicely for a morning exploring the Souks.



We’d heard lots about Marrakech, both good and bad, but nothing can prepare you for the first time you walk into Jemaa el-Fnaa in the Medina. You hear the haunting music of the snake charmers before you see them, and before you know it you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of fruit and veg stalls, monkeys (on leads, we didn’t like this), mopeds, donkeys, snakes and traders trying to sell just about anything.




We crossed the square and ducked into the covered walkway of the Souks. At first, it can be quite overwhelming – traders call at you from left and right, mopeds beep behind you trying to squeeze through the smallest of gaps, market stalls are lined with everything from colourful pottery and tagines to teapots and embroidered scarfs, spices are piled high in multicoloured mountains, butchers loudly pluck chickens and elderly ladies sit in huddles weaving baskets to sell.






We LOVED it.





We found ourselves wandering pastKafe Merstan and climbed up on to the roof terrace for a drink. This perfectly positioned cafe is a great spot for people watching in the sunshine. It’s amazing how peaceful and relaxing it felt to sit high above the madness below.







It was safe to say we were all quickly falling for the charm of Marrakech…

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