A Venetian Weekend : Part One

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Birthdays, and it’s definitely a trait that runs in the family. My Sister, Gabby, has in recent years gone one step further and taken her Birthday celebrations overseas. A keen group of us make January plans for a European adventure each year and it’s the perfect way to battle the January blues.

First there was Berlin (I’ve never felt cold like it, but the city is just incredible), and then Madrid (a welcoming change in climate, and the inspiration for my first ever blog post).

But this year’s celebrations took us to Venice.

With Italian family we aren’t strangers to the country, however Venice is one City that we haven’t ever been to. I already can’t wait to go back.

We landed late on Friday afternoon, walked the short distance from the terminal to the water taxi rank and waited patiently for our little boat. Once onboard, we sped across the open water just as the sun was setting.

The twinkling lights of Venice soon came into view and we all gazed with mouths open at the beauty of it.



We hopped off of the boat at Rialto Bridge where Gabby and Phil (who had arrived earlier that afternoon) were waiting for us. After excitable hugs and kisses Italian style, we followed them the short distance to our home for the weekend.

The apartment was perfect – three huge bedrooms, a roof terrace, living room and kitchen. If you’re looking for somewhere central to stay in Venice that won’t break the bank, I would definitely recommend this place. Simple but comfortable; it was the perfect base for a weekend of exploring.


After a quick turnaround, we wandered off to explore the city by moonlight and find somewhere for dinner.

Our first walk around the city can only be described as magical.

For some unknown reason there was hardly anyone around, and the silence that surrounded us as we made our way down the winding streets was like nothing I have experienced before. I don’t know if it was the stillness of the water or the fairytale like buildings, but it felt as though we were on a deserted film set.

There’s something about Venice that just feels so unreal.





We walked without a destination until we came across a little restaurant tucked down an unassuming side street. We were welcomed in by the warming glow and rather bold Christmas decorations (22nd January?!) and sat down to a feast of pizza, risotto and seafood spaghetti.

I had been thinking about this meal since breakfast time in London.






We moved on to a bar for a few celebratory glasses of wine before calling it a night in preparation for an early morning, and our first glimpse of Venice in the daylight.

It’s safe to say we were well and truly settled in.


Part Two (and a very photo heavy post) coming soon!


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