Happy Days #6

The past few weeks have been some of the busiest I’ve had in a long time. Life outside of work has been filled with so many lovely things, but time seems to be flying by so quickly it’s been hard to appreciate them all. This is why the following belated happy moments are from Wayne’s Birthday weekend a few weeks ago, and will probably end up resembling some sort of a weekend diary entry. I can’t seem to keep up with writing these posts, but I guess that’s only a good thing!

Old Wardour Castle


One of the many things Wayne and I have in common is our geeky love of history and our obsession with castles. This is why we decided to spend a Friday afternoon hurtling down country lanes in search of Old Wardour Castle. Wayne is usually a walking/driving satnav, but we got really quite lost looking for this place and ended up having to pull over and ask a friendly old man who was busy cutting down a tree to point us in the right direction. When we arrived, however, we realised it was totally worth getting lost for. The place was completely deserted, making it seem all the more magical in the late afternoon light. The castle was the inspiration for the one featured in Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and it’s clear to see why. Even in ruin form it’s such an impressive building.



Crab Fishing at Mudeford Quay



Wayne has just turned 27. And what did he want to do on his 27th Birthday? He wanted to go crab fishing. Apparently not much changes in the space of 20 years! We set off bright and early with our families and a dog in tow and spent the day at Mudeford Quay fishing for crabs, picnicking and wandering along the beach. The men (boys) got well and truly stuck into crab fishing and I’m sure I spotted a few competitive glances at the buckets belonging to the children either side of them.




The New Forest                                                                                                    I love the New Forest. It’s such a pretty place to explore and the wildly roaming horses are beautiful to watch. After our day of crab fishing we drove home through the New Forest in search of much needed ice cream. Despite the bitter wind that had picked up (Gabby and I both ended up bundled up in coats belonging to her boyfriend) we still managed to track down an ice cream van and attempt to befriend some donkeys. This guy was a selfie pro!




Breakfast at Bakers and Co
On the Sunday morning I had the best breakfast. Claire took us to a cute little café on the Gloucester Road in Bristol where I was able to settle my cravings for smashed avocado and poached eggs on sourdough toast. The café is really popular with its yellow and grey colour scheme, Pinterest worthy shelving and Mexican inspired breakfasts. We arrived just as they had opened and by the time we left there was a line of hungry people winding out of the door. I’m not even ashamed that I have become someone who Instagrams avocado on toast.

Bakers & Co


A Sunday afternoon football game
Anyone who knows Wayne will know how much of a Bristol Rovers fan he is. We live in London, yet he still has a season ticket for his home club and makes the journey back every few weeks to watch a game. In fact, giving him the title of the ‘biggest football fan I have ever met’ is no exaggeration. I don’t mind watching football, and sometimes I even enjoy it, but given the choice there are definitely other ways I would rather spend a sunny afternoon. However, as it was Wayne’s Birthday, I had promised I would go to at least one game. Luckily for me, after our Bakers and Co breakfast Claire decided to come too, meaning that we had a full 90 minutes to chat in the sunshine whilst the men shouted obscenities at the referee.



A Perfect Wedding
There comes a time in your twenty-somethings when Weddings seem to become the most common social event in your diary, and it seems I’ve reached that age. Last weekend we were invited to the wedding of Wayne’s cousin Tracy and her lovely new husband, Ryan. The sun came out, we ate great food, drank lots of wine (some more than others!) and danced all night. It was the most beautiful, hilarious, honest wedding and I’m so happy we were able to share their day with them.


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