Weekend Baking – Cheese Straws

You know that one thing that reminds you of being little? That one taste, that one smell? For me, that ‘thing’ is my Grandma’s cheese straws. As soon as I smell them baking in the oven it’s like I’m five years old again; sitting next to my Sister on the step of our Grandparent’s beach hut in Dorset, dressed in matching knitted jumpers, our salty hair tangled from the sea breeze, feasting on a lunch of ham rolls and homemade cheese straws.

There isn’t anything particularly different about them, and as far as recipes go this one is pretty basic. But it’s just so simple, and just so perfect. I popped back to Bath last weekend to spend the day with my Grandparents and helped my Grandma whip up a couple of batches. They aren’t really supposed to look like this, but I was left in charge of the rolling pin and I was so busy chatting I definitely overworked the pastry and they ended up doing their own thing in the oven. Appearances aside, however, they are still perfectly flaky, moreishly cheesy and melt in the mouth, just as intended. If you’re looking for a cheese straw recipe I couldn’t recommend this one enough.

Cheese Straws

I love that my Grandma still keeps this little cut out of the recipe, even though she wouldn’t have a problem making these with her eyes closed. The faded paper and crinkled edges show just how much this recipe card has been used and loved. I admire the simplicity of it; nothing fancy, just the steps to create a memory that will last generations.



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