Surbiton Farmers’ Market

Once a month, my favourite tree-lined road in our leafy suburb comes alive with the hustle and bustle of market day; and it’s lovely. The award winning Surbiton Farmers’ Market on Maple Road is a small, friendly market, bursting to the brim with local, fresh and homemade produce. The stallholders bring so much more than their goods to sell and are more than willing to share their knowledge, tips and tricks about their chosen trade. Their undeniable passion is both heart-warming and infectious.



On Saturday, we woke early and headed off to Maple Road to see what the market had in store for us. Although it feels small, there is so much to look at (and buy!) and we started the day as any healthy Saturday morning should start…with macarons! I went for Sicilian lemon and Wayne tried the mojito flavour. We declined the offer of a takeaway box and demolished the sugary goodness before we had even turned away from the stall. I have trialled a number of macarons from many places, but I can honestly say that this was the best macaron I have ever tasted. I’ll be back for a whole box full next month.



We made our way along the street, stopping to look at the impressive array of cakes, meat, fruit, vegetables and fish. Everything looks so beautifully presented and the stallholders do a great job of luring you in without making you feel as though you have to buy one of everything (even though you easily could!). It only took the man at the bread stall to tell us once that he was down to his last two squares of rosemary focaccia before I had snapped them up! I also couldn’t resist buying a huge tub of delicious looking caponata and I can’t wait to try it.


We were waiting for the arrival of Wayne’s family who were staying for the weekend, so we set up camp in Rubi to wait for them. Rubi is a great bar on Maple Road where the coffee is just as good as the cocktails! It has such a different feel in the daytime with a really relaxed atmosphere, and it provided the perfect spot to people watch (and dog watch) whist the locals perused the stalls outside. I love how all of the bars, pubs and shops along Maple Road fully immerse themselves in the market by opening their doors wide and selling food and drink from the pavement outside; it makes for an incredible and refreshing sense of community. When Wayne’s family arrived we grabbed some amazing hot sausage sandwiches from the Giggly Pig Co. before heading back to Rubi to indulge in a round of passion fruit mojitos (it was almost midday!)


It was a really enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning, and it was so lovely to see so many people out buying great quality produce and supporting local businesses. If you live locally I would highly recommend popping along next time it’s on, or make sure you support the markets in your local area. They’re also a great excuse to have cake for breakfast!


Surbiton Farmers’ Market, Maple Road, Surbiton (3rd Saturday of the month)

3 thoughts on “Surbiton Farmers’ Market

  1. What a lovely piece about Surbiton Farmers Market – we feel as enthusiastic about it from the other side of the table and love meeting the folk of Surbiton and surrounding districts. I was going to say ‘see you next month’ but we are going to be away in Oxfordshire at Art in Action – another place well worth a visit!


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