Happy Days #2

I had great intentions of writing another post by now that didn’t resemble some sort of jumbled weekly diary, but it’s suddenly Wednesday and I’m out of time! I liked writing this post last week, and I know that I’ll be pleased I decided to document these little moments as something to look back on. So, here we go again – some Instagram illustrated, happy moments from last week…

Seafood Spaghetti


This was perfection on a plate (I’m not even going to try and be modest!) and was so quick and easy to throw together. Prawns, squid, mussels, chilli, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, pasta; so simple but so, so good. I also thoroughly enjoyed giving Wayne spaghetti twirling lessons – he’ll have it down to a tee by the next time we’re in Italy.

Midweek Family Time
My sister, cousin and I were long overdue a catch up, and so we spent Tuesday evening perched on a table in a busy All Bar One talking all things family, work and weddings. Our lovely cousin Freya is getting married in October and it was great to hear more about her plans.


American Sniper
It sounds awful to include this under the title of ‘happy’ as it’s actually a pretty heart wrenching film, but I was so impressed. I like war films, but I’m not keen on those that focus solely on fighting; the ones where gunshots outnumber lines spoken. American Sniper, however, provides a really good balance of the two. The film addresses the impact the war in Iraq has had on the everyday lives of those involved, and Bradley Cooper’s performance is captivating.


Saturday Shopping
I spent Saturday with my friend (and bride-to-be!) Bridget on the hunt for Bridesmaid dresses. We braved Oxford Street (usually such a ridiculous idea on a Saturday, but actually surprisingly bearable) and set out to find the perfect dress. We may have been unsuccessful on the dress front but we had a great salad for lunch! Regardless of the London madness and dress disappointment it was still lovely to spend the day together.


Messing About On The River

On Sunday the sun was shining so Wayne and I caught the boat from Kingston to Hampton. I picked out my dream riverside house whilst Wayne time lapsed the ducks (sometimes I forget that he’s almost 27!) before wandering around the grounds of Hampton Court Palace. The Palace itself is definitely worth a visit, but the beautiful rose garden provides a perfect spot of tranquillity and doesn’t cost a thing.



Dining Al Fresco
We set up our little table and chairs on the balcony, teamed up to make a huge chicken caesar salad, then spent the afternoon lounging around drinking ice cold fruity cider. Some things taste so much better when enjoyed outside in the good old British sunshine!


I hope you’re all having a happy week!

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