Happy Days

The ‘100 Happy Days’ trend has been going for a little while now, and I really love the idea of it. I think it’s so important to reflect on all of the things that make you happy on a day to day basis, big or small; especially when most of us find ourselves absentmindedly trapped in a whirlwind of life as the days swim by as if caught in the current. Does anyone else think time is going so much faster than usual? All the more reason to take the chance to slow things down…

I love reading these posts on other blogs, and so I have decided to start compiling little lists to document the things that have made me smile.

Here are my happy moments from last week:

Bank Holiday Monday’s stroll along the Thames


Wayne’s parents came to stay and we had absolutely no plans for Monday. The sun was (sort of) shining so we wandered along the river into Kingston, picking up a coffee from our favourite Surbiton café along the way.

The Vaccines


On Thursday night The Vaccines played a late gig at a club I haven’t been to since University and we had such a great time. The band were amazing and it didn’t even matter that we found ourselves standing behind the tallest man in the room! I always tell myself I’m going to make more of an effort to see more live music whilst living in London, and this time I mean it.

Fairy lights on the balcony

I love our flat, but I do miss having a garden. We are lucky enough to have a bit of outside space in the form of a balcony, and we are doing our best to make the most of it when the sun shines. (I did have to encourage Wayne’s parents to take home at least 4 tomato plants though. It was starting to look a little bit like a garden centre!) It’s also a pretty good spot to catch the sunset.



Rugby and Sunshine

I spent Saturday at Twickenham watching Bath Rugby sadly lose to Saracens, but as is the way with rugby, it didn’t really matter! The atmosphere was incredible and it was amazing to see so many Bath fans there to cheer on the team. We ended the day with a walk in the sunshine and drinks in Richmond with good friends.



Birthday Celebrations and the perfect roast


Sunday was Wayne’s brother’s Birthday, and we spent it consuming vast amounts of food and wine at The Harts Boatyard. The roast pork was incredible, the company was great, and the salted caramel chocolate pot/passion fruit tart combination my sister and I shared for dessert was probably the best sibling decision we have ever made (we obviously ate it before I could photograph it, so here’s a picture of Wayne on a rather unsturdy jetty instead!)


What have been your happy moments?

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