The Breakfast Club

I never used to understand morning people. When at school and University it’s safe to say that given the choice between dragging ourselves out of bed to the kitchen to make breakfast, or having an extra half an hour of sleep, the majority would choose the latter.

This definitely changes when you enter the world of full time work – especially if early starts are a must. Over the past few years I have got horribly used to a 6am alarm and breakfast has become an important part of my morning ritual. It’s nice to have something to wake up to, to get us through that early morning hazy feeling we get before we leave the house and throw ourselves into the wide awake world outside.

Weekends, however, are a totally different matter. Have you ever intended to get up bright and early on a Saturday morning to have a productive day, only to wake feeling relaxed and rejuvenated before noticing that it’s already midday and the morning is almost over? I get annoyed with myself if I feel as though I have wasted a chunk of the day, but I get more annoyed if this means we have missed the breakfast sitting at our local cafe (weekend priorities, obviously!). Luckily for us, living a stones throw away from central London means that there are places where we can get breakfast all day long – and this place is by far the best of the brunch!

If you live in London this place needs no introduction. If you don’t live in London, move this place right to the top of the list of eateries to visit on your next trip….


Named after the iconic 80’s film, The Breakfast Club is a small, quirky chain with set ups in a number of locations across London. I had Sunday plans to meet a friend who lives East, and another visiting from back home in Bath, so the Hoxton branch was the perfect choice for a catch up over eggs. And bacon. And pancakes.

We thought that arriving at midday on a Sunday might not have been the best move, however the queue moved quickly and we only had to wait around 20 minutes for a table. I’ve never been to a Breakfast Club and not had to join a line of hungry fans outside, but I can safely say that this place is well worth the wait.


Once inside we were seated and had keenly ordered within about 30 seconds. The menu is just perfect – breakfast classics to suit any appetite along with some not so traditional creations. I went for the Huevos Al Benny, an ingenious version of eggs benedict including chorizo, avocado and fresh chilli. The eggs were poached perfectly and the chilli gave the dish that kick of excitement that eggs can often lack. Jess went for the Huevos Rancheros (a great mexican take on the Full English), and Claire cured her hangover with The All American. No need to choose between a fry up and pancakes when you can have both! The food is always great, but this was definitely the best meal I have had at any Breakfast Club.



Each cafe is quirky and exciting with eye-catching posters and signage on every wall. Brightly coloured enamel mugs hang inside bird cages strung with fairy lights, and if you’re looking for an original way to make use of an old Smeg fridge then this is the place to go for inspiration! The staff are friendly and, just like the cafe itself, all seem to be effortlessly cool (not jealous, not jealous at all).


I would definitely recommend The Breakfast Club for the perfect brunch. You might end up with Simple Minds stuck in your head for the rest of the day (watch the film if you haven’t already!), but I promise you won’t regret it!

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